Hashtags That Will Become Viral On Instagram In 2023

Hashtags on Instagram may help with publicity, networking, and user participation.

They facilitate the sharing of opinions on anything from an event to a corporate campaign to a cultural issue, from the perspectives of corporations to those of influential users.

How to use trending hashtags effectively: advice for businesses

There is mutual benefit between hashtags and Instagram postings.

Popular and relevant hashtags increase the visibility of online content. In consequence, popular postings may greatly increase the visibility and use of a hashtag.

Using the aforementioned hashtags, your clients will be able to reach a larger audience on Instagram.

You can take it a step further by creating a custom branded hashtag for them, and here are some strategies to increase its visibility:

1. Create the ideal advertising hashtag

Simple, memorable, and consistent with the brand’s identity are the hallmarks of the most popular Instagram hashtags.

When starting from scratch with an Instagram hashtag for your company, there is no one-size-fits-all formula to follow.

The only way for agencies and businesses to attain the results they want from their marketing efforts is to experiment with different approaches and draw inspiration from those that have been successful in the past.

For instance, a branded hashtag may originate from a phrase or term that is meaningful to the brand’s intended audience.

Occasionally they will even utilise the brand’s own name or slogan.

Hashtags associated with a particular brand may be developed for promotional purposes.

The “#DoUsAFlavor” campaign by Lays, in which the public votes on the brand’s next official flavor, is a perfect illustration of this trend.

2. Make advantage of top-tier, branded hashtags to increase user engagement.

Hashtag competitions, reaction videos, and polls are just a few examples of the kind of social media postings that benefit greatly from the use of branded hashtags.

If you want to get your client’s audience involved, all you have to do is suggest them use your branded hashtag.

Hashtags associated with a certain brand are developed by businesses to promote specific products or services.

Nike, for instance, has a hashtag based on their ubiquitous “Just Do It” tagline.

When you mix in some interaction with your client’s Instagram posts, they can receive up to twice as much engagement as regular posts with static photographs. Your hashtag’s exposure will increase dramatically as a result.

3. Use influencers to promote your branded hashtag

Instagram’s “influencers” use their large followings to boost a company’s exposure online.

With the green light from your client, influencer partnerships may help spread your client’s branded hashtag and, by extension, their brand, like wildfire.

Instagram’s sponsored content solutions, which include pre-approved product tagging, simplify influencer marketing.

Here are a few examples of possible partnerships with Instagram celebrities:

  • You may get them to talk about your product in exchange for complimentary “review” units.
  • Do a live Q&A or interview and air it on air.
  • Challenge influential people to take part in a game.
  • Hold a group giveaway.
  • Make an offer to work together beyond Instagram (via their other profiles) on other social media platforms.

4. Vary your content approach

Your client’s branded hashtag may be promoted on Instagram in a variety of ways. Including them in a post for the Instagram community to view is by far the most popular practise.

If you want your Instagram content to get the most views possible, try using some new forms.

Try out Instagram’s carousels, stories, and reels to see if you can increase interaction.

Using a unified platform for social media management, such as Vista Social, is the key.

You may schedule Instagram posts in a variety of formats and retain access to content analytics with just a few clicks.

Using Vista Social’s data, you may find out what kinds of posts do best on Instagram in terms of interaction.

You can also use it to monitor the responses your hashtags receive.

Proliferation of hashtags

If a large number of Instagram users adopt and promote a particular hashtag, it may become extremely popular, or “go viral.”

Even if there are currently hundreds of trending hashtags, companies, influencers, and advertising agencies should create their own unique hashtag to use for branding purposes.

Why aren’t my hashtags trending?

If you want a certain hashtag to go viral, you should focus on making it practical, memorable, and easy to use.

You may increase the visibility of your hashtag by linking it to a content plan, such as an influencer cooperation initiative or a social media contest.

Use the top trending hashtags to rule Instagram advertising.

For several Instagram advertising efforts, hashtags have been a game-changer.

It’s important to use appropriate hashtags while promoting your client’s brand.

Use a social media management tool that allows for content planning, hashtag management, and analytics to create an Instagram hashtag strategy.

In this case, Vista Social is an ideal solution.

Vista Social simplifies the process of creating and managing hashtag lists, and it also adds hashtags to your initial comments on Instagram photos automatically. In the future, this will aid organisations in optimising their usage of certain hashtag sets.

Kyle Lewis