What Exactly Is This TikTok Crypto Thing? And The Implications For Crypto Branding

Investors’ interest in cryptocurrency has increased, and crypto asset holders are lobbying for wider use of cryptocurrency as a medium of trade. This view is not shared by many, though.

This is especially clear given that TikTok previously removed all cryptocurrency and financial services-related content from its platform.

That’s what makes the turn of events there so intriguing. TikTok is developing a system that will enable cryptocurrency businesses to promote their products and services on the app. TikTok crypto marketers will be able to take advantage of this new feature, but with certain constraints.

Promoting Cryptocurrencies on TikTok

If you’re in charge of marketing for a cryptocurrency, you’re undoubtedly trying to find ways to get the word out that will help you stand out from the many frauds that populate the space. Because of this, it’s more crucial than ever to sell your brand digitally, since this is the best way to establish your credibility and worth simultaneously.

Yet, it’s not all bad news that TikTok has begun restricting crypto brand accounts. With the launch of the new beta version of TikTok, genuine bitcoin businesses may feel safe in building a reliable online presence.

Nevertheless, the TikTok Crypto beta programme is now invitation-only. There is currently no end date in sight for the beta test, but if it is implemented, any company whose advertising are reviewed and approved by a recognised financial institution would be able to participate.

There are still a number of options for crypto companies to produce organic content in the meanwhile. Therefore, let’s talk about a couple of them.

Market Cryptocurrency on TikTok

Disseminate Instructional Materials

Many individuals still don’t understand how the bitcoin market operates, as it is still relatively new. You may bring in a lot of greenhorns and introduce them to your company at the same time by providing them with some fundamental knowledge and introductory materials.

Secondly, post funny material.

Your crypto-related media should be enjoyable. Despite the gravity of the subject matter (we are, after all, discussing finances and investments), humour can still be found in the conversation.

Quickly share any advice you’ve learned

There are many fast suggestions in the world of investing, such as what to buy now, what to sell, what to hang on to, and so on. They might be as short as a 5-second video in which you update your audience on the latest trends.

Your viewers, who are probably looking for their next big financial move, will love these kinds of films.

Use popular sound bites

Video remixes of popular music or other audio clips are a common kind of content on TikTok. Try to use well-known snippets of music and other media that people are familiar with into your marketing strategy.

Include a link into your bio

With just room for one link in a user’s bio, a link-in-bio tool may be put to excellent use on the video sharing site TikTok. To effectively connect to sites from their videos, businesses may use a link-in-bio tool to build a tiny landing page with many links.

Depending on the method you choose, your landing page will look very different. Some let you have a list of different connections, while others let you construct a grid where each video links to something else.

Link to your website, services page, email list registration, blog posts, and more for maximum effectiveness. You may encourage viewers to check out your profile by saying “check out the link in our bio” in your videos.

Consort with powerful people in your industry.

For the time being, marking material as branded on TikTok crypto is one of the most reliable methods of producing content. Working with crypto influencers is a simple way to avoid having your movies banned for “violating community standards” and obtain a free pass.

Locate thought leaders that are pushing for the same kinds of cryptocurrencies as your company is involved in, and collaborate with them to produce promotional and instructive content that you can both share.

See whether any of the people on our list of the top 15 crypto influencers align with your brand’s mission and rules by following them.


Intent on getting the most out of the TikTok encryption tool? If you own a bitcoin business, this may be a fantastic method to spread the information about the benefits of cryptocurrency and how to safely invest in it. You may find more information on promoting your cryptocurrency brand by contacting one of these leading crypto marketing firms.

Kyle Lewis