5 TikTok Content Ideas For Your Business

You should know these two things about TikTok:

Whenever a new trend emerges or the algorithm is updated, it quickly becomes the norm on TikTok.


TikTok requires you to post frequently (1-4 times per day) and with high-quality material if you want to attract new viewers and generate new leads.

When it comes to music, beauty, dance, activism, sales, and more, TikTok’s content creators are now at the forefront of the trendsetting pack.

So, how do you benefit from this frenetic super-platform without giving up your leisure time (and sanity) in the process? Take a look at these 15 TikTok content ideas for instant brand expansion. As an added bonus, we’ll explain several methods for coming up with topics on your own.
Learn where to look for inspiring new ideas to post on TikTok and boost your company’s success.

Since its inception as a dance challenge, TikTok has developed into a powerful edu-tainment platform where influencers from a wide variety of fields can build successful brands and earn substantial incomes.

If you use the app, you know that staying relevant requires regular publication of high-quality content. If you want to get your message across to your intended audience on TikTok, consider the following advice.

Borrow ideas from your rivals

Creators on TikTok are in luck because the app provides a wealth of material from which to draw ideas. There are already content creators using the platform to accomplish your outcome.

The most popular creators on TikTok can be easily identified and analysed with the app’s smart algorithm. Do some keyword research to find out which niche-related topics and keywords have yielded the most successful TikTok marketing videos to study. Examine some of their most popular pieces of content and compare them to some of their less read pieces on the same topic.

Instruct the algorithm

You can trick TikTok’s algorithm by instructing it about your ideal customer. Your activity in TikTok is monitored by the app’s algorithm. After signing up, the service will tailor its recommendations to your preferences based on the content you consume (through viewing, searching, and following).

Follow these guidelines to help the app learn more about its intended users:

  • Stick to creators who are already established in your field.
  • Find related niche keywords
  • Add your thoughts to discussions relating to your field.

Conduct studies within the app

Type your seed keyword(s) into the search bar to uncover sought-after topics in your field. To help you generate ideas for content and improve your search engine optimization, TikTok will recommend appropriate keywords.

Include the keywords in your captioning to:

  • Give TikTok some context about your video so it can show it to people who are interested in similar material.

  • Raise your profile among people who are looking for those terms.

Put an emphasis on fostering connections among people

Business success is not necessarily correlated with virality. Focus on slow, steady expansion within your existing niche instead of hoping for overnight success.

However, if none of those 50,000 TikTok followers are interested in what you have to offer, your overnight success will be short-lived. The problem with focusing solely on achieving viral success is that it can lead to burnout if you don’t see results right away.
Develop your following by posting high-quality, relevant content on a regular basis. Some examples of this could be questions your clients might have, niche products you think your audience would like, or funny anecdotes from your line of work.

Here Are Five Business-Relevant TikTok Video Concepts to Increase Your Channel’s Subscriber Base

As if running a company wasn’t challenging enough, today’s entrepreneurs must also act as their company’s sole social media marketing department. Creating consistent, high-quality video content is essential to the success of any business, but it can be daunting to take on the role of content creator.

Try the 7-second rule

Make a quick video with a test blurb that provides helpful tips or useful information and upload it to YouTube. Users will watch the entire video (i.e. 7 seconds) and may even want to do so more than once if they want to fully read and comprehend the information presented. A simple way to increase your popularity on TikTok, as videos that are watched multiple times rise in the rankings.

Get a series going

Create a compelling educational series to draw in viewers and get them interested in subscribing and checking back for more. Choose a specific area of your specialty and break it down into subtopics.

Including a call to action at the end of your video to encourage viewers to subscribe for future episodes is highly recommended.

Republish your most successful content from other sites

Try taking an idea or piece of content that did well on another platform and adapting it for use in a TikTok video. It may seem dishonest to recycle posts, but doing so strategically is a good way to increase exposure to your valuable content, as many users won’t see it the first time around.

The Daily Routine

Many would welcome a peek behind the scenes. TikTok users are interested in videos from all walks of life, from ice cream workers and paint colour mixers to famous actors and musicians.

Share your day in a detailed video. Share photos of your office, discuss your daily schedule, and highlight any adorable pets you may have.

Captivate the audience

One of our favourite TikTok strategists, @StylaSocials, has suggested this structure for making concise instructional videos:

A good way to grab your audience’s attention is to pose the question you’ll be answering.

Increase your audience’s knowledge with three key points.

In closing, you can request a follow, feedback, questions, etc.

It’s common for this style of TikTok video to do well because viewers will often watch it multiple times to make sure they catch everything. People are more likely to bookmark a video if they find the information presented to be particularly helpful.

Kyle Lewis