7 Clever Strategies To Boost Instagram Followers

Do you have an Instagram account? Having trouble attracting more people to follow you?

There is a correct method and a bad way to grow followers on Instagram (and followers), and Instagram can be a highly engaging platform when used properly.

In this piece, I asked Sue B. Zimmerman, who is widely recognised as the Instagram Expert, to provide 7 Creative Ways to Increase Your Followers on Instagram—the RIGHT way. Listen up, because Sue is the person I turn to for advice regarding Instagram.
It is of the utmost importance to cultivate a community on Instagram rather than only focus on amassing the greatest number of followers on Instagram.

The presence of a community is what differentiates followers from that group. It is a good idea to get inventive in order to bring in new members of the community who are of high quality…. These are the “SueB tricks to increase followers on Instagram” that I’ve compiled.

7 Original Methods to Boost One’s Number of Instagram Followers

Give permission for the Facebook app to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts together

Make sure that your Instagram and Facebook accounts are connected to one another. Through Instagram, you will have the ability to publish straight to Facebook.

When people see your material being shared from Instagram to Facebook, they will be encouraged to check you out on that platform as well if they enjoy what they are seeing… and of course, they will check you out there!

Incorporate Pictures from Instagram into a Blog Post

When you integrate photos from Instagram into a blog post, a number of significant things begin to take place, including the following:

You establish a connection between the several locations where you and your brand are making an appearance.
Whatever it is that you are doing, there is a thread of coherence and significance running through it.
You and your team will save the most amount of time possible thanks to the fact that you will be able to use your photographs in two different ways.
Your company’s brand identity gets stronger.

You should add a widget for Instagram on your website

Increasing the amount of traffic that visits and leaves each of your online brand spaces is the best way to make the most of your efforts.

Do not pass up the opportunity to take a connection on a deeper dive in order to allow your followers to follow you in the location that is most convenient for them.

You may attract the attention of your followers while they are on your website by including a widget for Instagram that is both prominent and easy to use. This will make it much simpler for them to follow you on Instagram.

Don’t Discount the Influence of Electronic Mail

Make it a point to remind the people on your “list” that they should be following you on social media so that they can stay in touch with you more readily while they are on the move.

This way, they won’t miss out on anything you share, which is helpful given that the material you share might sometimes vary based on the platform you use. You may also show them how they might benefit from communicating with others in ways other than through the newsletter by providing an example.

Share content with other users on Periscope

Growing following on Instagram and connecting with my audience have both been significantly aided by the use of Periscope.

Every time I broadcast on Periscope, I share an Instagram tutorial with my audience and drive traffic to Instagram from there.

I also host live “Insta Audits” that attract people into my scopes, and I include a #SueBSponsor on each scope so that I can offer live shout outs to all of my creative pals!

Use the website If This Then That to Upload Images to Twitter

Why? Because when you share posts directly from Instagram to Twitter, the image won’t appear unless you click on it first.

IFTTT is a useful tool that transforms your Instagram post so that it appears in the feed as an image rather than a link to an external website. You just have a fraction of a second to capture the attention of a reader.

Without an image and with the news changing at such a rapid pace, this is difficult to accomplish on Twitter. By publishing the Instagram image in addition to the link, the IFTTT app guarantees that your audience will never miss a single opportunity to see the content you discuss.

Make the Most of Instagram Direct Messages

Make use of Instagram Direct Messages to have a discussion and build a relationship with the people who are following you that is on a more personal level!

You may share movies or photographs over Instagram Direct Messages; but, because this feature is not yet widely utilised, using it will quickly distinguish you from other users.

Kyle Lewis