Here Are Five Ways That Social Listening Can Improve Your Product

Clientele have clear preferences. And at a time when you can buy 50 of anything on Amazon, it’s more crucial than ever to cater to their demands.
In today’s market, customers are no longer passive recipients of whatever goods we choose to manufacture. They want their say. They are looking for the greatest option since they don’t want to settle. They participate in online discussion forums and provide feedback via social media.
And every one of those is a chance to pick their brains, amass useful product feedback, and develop an even better offering.

Online product reviews as a tool for innovation

Here are five specific methods to collect online client input and put it to use in developing your product.

learn about product problems

Customers often discover problems with your goods before you do. And when it comes to service, they prefer to communicate via social media and want instantaneous responses.

You must monitor social media for mentions of customer service issues so you can respond quickly.
When our consumers have questions or concerns, they often tweet them to us. We can quickly locate the tweets, forward them to the right team member, and respond with assistance.

Supporting customers in real time is important, but so is keeping track of concerns so you can find long-term solutions to any that keep cropping up.
And not every problem indicates a serious underlying concern. It can just suggest an upgrade is possible. That you can enhance both the product and the user’s experience.

Recognise the needs of your clientele.

It’s critical to understand consumer pain points and provide solutions, but it’s just as important to know how to make customers happy.

  • What specific characteristics do your happy consumers love?For new goods, this is invaluable information. Or if your product team is considering removing or including new functionality.
  • If you monitor client feedback on social media, you may learn how well received a product or service is. Mention’s product plan is determined by user input.

Get immediate responses to new product releases

Launches of new products can cause anxiety.

While beginning a new venture is always an exciting time, it’s not without its share of challenges. You spend months or even years constructing something, without knowing if enough of your clients would be as delighted as you are.
Conversations will be had, and they might not all be positive. The problem is that your consumers are likely smarter than you are at least some of the time. They’ll provide advice on how to better yourself. Plus, internet listening makes it easy to discover and maintain tabs on them.

Follow the latest developments in your field.

You must always be aware of the latest trends in the areas that your clients care about.

What is currently popular with your ideal clientele in your field? What are the cutting-edge equipment, methods, and techniques? Exactly what are your rivals doing?
To keep your customers interseted, you should monitor these factors.
If you’re looking for ways to better your business, it’s important to keep an eye on Twitter chats, forum debates, and industry news in addition to keeping tabs on your brand and goods.

Find out where your clients hang out

In the digital realm, it’s important to understand which platforms your clients favour. Do they seem more engaged on that platform? And Pininterest! Perhaps weblogs? You may try putting more effort into getting your name out there on those particular sites. By tracking the origins of your mentions, you may learn more about your target audience’s daily routines.

Knowing the whereabouts of your target audience members allows you to tailor your product offerings to the specific needs of that demographic.
To see which locations were utilised and which languages were spoken, head to Mention’s insights hub.

Second Everyday, one of our customers, uncovered a hitherto untapped market in South Korea after they saw an uptick in mentions from people in that country using Instagram. They realised they needed to modify their product and advertising to this new audience.

Go the extra mile with it

Promote online client communication to make the most of monitoring. Quickly respond to their inquiries, and encourage them to share their thoughts and suggestions. Show them you’re listening to them and value their input.

If you don’t have a system in place to track client feedback, you’ll be left in the dust as other businesses quickly adjust to the feedback they get.

Kyle Lewis