6 Unbelievable SEO Tips To Boost Your Youtube Videos Ranking Score

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Youtube SEO is an effective strategy for optimizing channels and videos to increase search engine results. Youtube is one of the search engines and the largest video-sharing platform on the internet. So, you should know the techniques to optimize your content for that platform. 

Youtube plays a significant role in transforming videos into mail content formats for both consumption and digital marketing. Nowadays, any brand can access youtube to publish and watch audiovisual content on the internet. The video content is forced to be shown in search engines by youtube. Video platform creates an algorithm capable of ranking the best content for each search on the web. You must use SEO strategies to optimize your videos to appear in a better position. 

1. Conduct Keyword Research

Keywords are important for youtube SEO and also for Google. Using keywords, youtube identifies the video’s subject, indexes the content, and matches for users’ search terms. For this, you need to add titles, tags, and descriptions to your content. When you upload the video, youtube will collect these details to rank your video on search results. Also, you should know the right keyword for your video to get more viewers to your channel. 

You could use the youtube search bar for searching your target keyword. It shows you the terms related to your search that are most searched on youtube. If you use new keyword strategies which are in high demand on the platform, it will improve the viewing potential of your videos. Another trick is to analyze your competitor’s keyword research ideas to improve your keyword strategy. 

2. Use Attractive Video Title

After performing keyword research, you need to frame the perfect title for your video. You could also use your target keyword in your title to attract potential viewers. Adding keywords in the title is the important factor in youtube SEO to index and rank the content faster. 

Your title must be close to users’ search terms to boost your video in a good position. The search results usually show the exact match of the keyword in the title. Using longer titles is worse for your ranking. The top 20 trending channels use an average of 47-48 characters in the title and the maximum is 100 characters. So try to keep your titles short with the exact keyword. Always remember that your title is the first impression for your visitors. You need to explain your video clearly in your title and also encourage them to watch your video. The title is worthy of creating and increasing the curiosity of your followers. 

3. Add Tags To The Video 

For youtube, tags are efficient for ranking a video faster. Tags are useful for youtube to identify the video subjects and index them correctly and also to recommend related videos. Youtube allows you to use 120 characters in every video. Keyword stuffing is not working for your ranking factor, it may be considered spam. 

Using 6 to 8 words is best for your ranking. This is an important source of traffic for your audiovisual content. 

4. Increase Audience Engagement

 In the case of youtube SEO, link-building is not for ranking factors. When you get backlinks from high quality websites, it will help you to get more views for your video. You could always encourage your viewers to interact with your video:

  • Comment
  • Like
  • Share the video
  • Subscribe to the Channel

5. Write Smart Descriptions

The description should provide information about your video in the most descriptive way. If the title needs to be shorter, the description could be longer and more detailed. You can use up to 5000 characters for writing your description. The description appears in the initial portion of search results, so try to keep the main information at the first line of the text. With an attractive description, you could increase your video engagement rate and earn points on youtube. 

6. Edit The File Name

Using keywords in filenames is also a powerful youtube SEO technique. You can add your target keyword as the file name for your video. Instead of using file names with codes and numbers(e.g. VID-95346257.mp4), try to use descriptive names with the exact keyword (e.g., how to boost Youtube SEO).

The platform can easily identify the video content with the name of the file. 


You must create good quality and attractive content to drive more viewers. Make sure your titles, keywords, and description are related to your video content. Using creative titles and subtitles adds value to your video on the web. You could use the above SEO

Kyle Lewis