Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Story Views

Using Instagram Stories to foster brand affinity is a common practise. Viewers of your Stories are likely already fans of your brand who are interested in learning more about you and your products.

As a result, keeping an eye on how many people are watching your Instagram Story is crucial. Its growth or fall can show you how successful your Instagram content strategy is in bringing in new followers and customers.

Instagram Stories: what are they?

The concept of “Stories” first appeared on Snapchat. Instagram, following in the footsteps of Facebook and TikTok, introduced its own version of Stories, and it has already surpassed Snapchat’s in terms of popularity.

The Instagram Stories feature lets users post photographs and short videos (up to 60 seconds) that disappear after 24 hours.

Is there a way to track Instagram Story views?

The answer is yes, Instagram Stories views may be monitored. The procedure is also very straightforward. Just read on to discover the procedure.

You may access your own timeline by tapping your profile image at the top of your feed.
There will be many profile images with the words “Seen by” underneath them in the bottom left corner of your screen if Instagram users have viewed your Story.
To see who has seen your Instagram Story, use the “Seen by” button. You can see how many people have viewed your video and who those people are in this section.
Who sees my Instagram Story and how does the algorithm decide that?
Instagram Stories are prioritised in a user’s feed based on an algorithm.

Users of Instagram do not see Stories in order. Instead, users see Stories that are tailored to their individual tastes.

Instagram is built around conversation. The goal of the algorithm is to get more people to read and interact with the published Stories.

Viewing Analytics for Your Instagram Story

Want to know how people are responding to your Instagram Stories? Instagram Insights is an in-app feature that provides access to data about your unpaid and paid Instagram Stories’ performance.

You can access these insights for up to a week after they’ve been generated.

However, you’ll need a Business or Creator account to access Instagram Insights. Here’s how to check your Instagram Stories’ Insights whether you already have a Business or a Personal account.

Why your Instagram Story isn’t getting many likes and what you can do about it

Have you seen a decline in the popularity of your Instagram Stories as of late? Here are 5 potential causes and solutions to the problems you’re having.

You have a poor grasp of hashtag usage

If you haven’t been using hashtags in your Instagram stories, you’re missing out on potential interactions with your material.

Hashtags are used on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram to increase their discoverability. As a social media manager, you can use hashtags to reach your target audiences even if they don’t follow you.

The Fix: Insert Hashtags Into Your Instagram Story

The obvious answer is to begin including hashtags in your tales. Hashtag research will help you uncover popular and trending hashtags in your niche before you add any to your narrative.

Your content is boring and does not interest your audience

You, as a marketer, understand the significance of participation in internet discussion forums. As a general rule, if readers believe that you exclusively submit content that is several years old, they will stop reading your tales.

If you’ve seen a drop in the number of people watching your Instagram stories, this could be the main culprit.

If you want people to read your tales, you need to provide them what they want to read when they click on it. This material might address current events or an issue they’re having.

Check your Instagram statistics to see what kinds of posts your audience enjoys reading so you can keep posting similar material. Separate them based on the amount of interest they sparked.

You timing your posts all wrong

You may have spent a lot of time crafting this article. However, if you don’t make your content available when your target demographic is online, no one will ever view it.

The difference between a good and unsuccessful Instagram story could be as simple as posting at the right time.

Finding the optimal posting times is the solution

Determine when your audience is most active by using Sociality.io or a similar service.
Schedule your tales to publish at the optimal times (you can also do this with Sociality.io).

All of your prior posts were automatically produced

If you’ve ever tried to artificially increase the number of people that interact with your posts by purchasing story views, you know it’s a bad idea.

Instagram banned automated accounts in recent days. Brands that relied on them for interaction will experience a decrease in story views as a result.

The answer is to use viral strategies to attract naturally interested viewers

You probably don’t have enough “real” followers if you’re resorting to bots for interaction. To fix this, you can host contests and give aways, which will attract more people to your ecosystem.

Tailwind conducted a study demonstrating the efficacy of such strategies. It found that Instagram accounts who run contests gain their following by 70% more quickly than those that don’t.

You don’t seem to use Instagram all that often

Do you solely make new posts and never comment on anyone else’s? That could be the case if fewer people are reading your stories.

Your content’s reach will contract if you don’t return the attention that’s been paid to it.

The answer is to interact with your audience

The answer to this problem is straightforward. You need to interact with your audience more frequently. You should answer their questions and share their relevant stories.

Having live sessions is also a fantastic idea because it boosts participation.

Kyle Lewis