Link Building Strategies For Ecommerce Website

In the context of search engine optimization, backlinks are connections that either direct traffic to your site or that you direct traffic to.

Backlinks were crucial to search engine results in the early days of the internet. Even though a lot of time has passed, hyperlinks are still crucial to a website’s search engine rankings.

Having a good backlink strategy is crucial, particularly for online stores. You can learn a lot about your best traffic sources by optimising your connections, which you may not be doing if you haven’t done so in a while.

E-commerce website backlink tactics

E-commerce websites are fundamentally different from blogging sites when it comes to search engine optimisation; it is much harder to generate new links for them, but here is a solid five-step strategy to get you on your feet.

1. Design a stunning website

The quality of the UI and the experience it provides is crucial. Creating a visually appealing website may not be too difficult, but managing connections can be tricky. A specialist may be required. There are some corners you need to explore and places you shouldn’t overlook when it comes to e-commerce backlinks.

Review Link Construction

There are a number of methods to go about the first method of link building. Having consumers sign a review form after making a purchase and then posting their feedback on your site is by far the most typical method.

Links on landing and directory sites

You can get a lot of mileage out of having at least one advertising page on your site. Craigslist and Yelp are two such websites. The success of your business depends entirely on your home page. A high-converting landing page is essential for the success of any online advertising or link-building strategy.

Circular Referencing

When a user clicks on a link within your own domain, they will be taken to the next available website in your hierarchy. If you want to rise in the search engine rankings, you should start connecting to yourself. They serve a helpful purpose because they encourage visitors to stick around for longer. Don’t forget to include relevant links to previous blog entries whenever possible.

Inactive Domains

There are a number of resources and organisations available online to manage the dormant market of expired names. Companies like Ahrefs make it possible for you to have your site highlighted on the homepage of an expired domain that is pertinent to your niche.

Using inactive references

Increases in traffic of up to 110% have been documented using this tried and true technique. Simply put, a broken connection is one that no longer works as intended. If you have too many of these, your site’s search engine results will suffer.

2. Designed for questions asked aloud with a focus on long-tail terms

There is a clear need for improved voice optimisation now that there are 65 million voice-first devices in use, nearly double the amount from a year ago. The results of this numerical analysis have far-reaching consequences.

The most notable is the trend towards increasingly lengthy and chatty search queries. Because of this, you can use long-tail terms, which also serve as handy backlinks.

3. Link building through guest blogging on authoritative sites

Working with established sites to have them promote yours through link exchanges is a tried-and-true method. You can find a variety of niche-specific websites that welcome guest posts online.

Because of its twofold advantages, guest posting is often regarded as the most successful strategy. A high-quality backlink and publicity are the rewards for acquiring an authoritative site and creating high-quality content. Use a reputable backlink monitoring tool to keep tabs on your hyperlink profile.

4. Promote Your Product with Help from Prominent Bloggers

Blogger outreach is another strategy, but it will take more effort from you. Simply contacting a popular blogger and asking to be featured on their site is a great way to gain recognition.

There are billions spent on advertising every year, but word-of-mouth continues to be the most effective form of promotion. Nielsen found that consumers are 77% more likely to make a purchase after hearing positive feedback about a product from someone they know and trust.

5. Gather audio, video, and written conversations from powerful people

Getting reliable backlinks has traditionally been facilitated by conducting interviews with prominent figures in one’s field. Many excellent websites devote extensive time and energy to a single interview, sometimes devoting an entire blog entry to it. Audio conversations are especially useful for blogs that are supplemented by other media, such as a podcast or a reading service like Curio.

The same is true for companies that have a dedicated video feed on sites like YouTube. Even if you only manage to get one backlink from them, it could be the boost your business needs to take off.

It’s not easy to get an entire interview with an influential person; usually, they’ll only agree to address a few questions.


Even in today’s highly competitive online environment, backlinks remain a powerful tool for increasing website visits. Given how long this SEO tool has been around, it is not surprising that some of the earlier backlinking techniques no longer apply.

Consider whether or not you still require your website to be listed in online communities and directories. The most important thing to keep in mind is that consistent material updates are the best guarantee of success.

Kyle Lewis