Instagram’s Verification Process Outlined. (2023 Update)

Customers’ trust in a company’s reliability is essential, especially when shopping online. A good perception of your brand can lead to increased sales, even if your website and social media profiles don’t appear completely legit. How then can you establish your credibility? The best method to establish trust in your product or service is to earn a verified badge.

Since not everyone manages to obtain verification, those that do stand out from the crowd. Instagram accounts seeking verification must first complete a series of requirements. (more on that later). Therefore, the blue checkmark subtly tells consumers that they can trust your brand. Instagram users will feel more comfortable following you if you have the verified badge.

When do you need a validated badge?

If an Instagram account has been verified, a little blue check mark will display next to their name in the search box and on their profile. When Instagram verifies an account as the “authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity, or global brand it represents,” it indicates the account meets strict criteria for authenticity.

Instagram verification is only given to profiles that the app has determined to be legitimate. Users may feel certain that the information provided in these accounts is reliable and of general interest.

The significance of Instagram’s verification process.

You’re here because you want us to answer the million dollar question of how to become an Instagram verified user. But first, I’d want to discuss the importance of verification.

As a result, it discourages imitators. Instagram verification exists only for the purpose of detecting and removing fraudulent, unauthorized, and impostor accounts. Instagram consumers may be certain that your brand’s account is not a fake thanks to the presence of the verified badge.

Take the well-known sportswear manufacturer Nike as an illustration.

The Nike social media marketing crew puts in long hours crafting and sharing brand-related content. But what if someone decides to create a new Nike account and use it to spread false information, which in turn harms Nike’s brand and attracts negative attention?

What occurred on Twitter after Elon Musk bought it is evidence enough.

It’s a sign of social prestige. Achieving the coveted “blue check” status on Instagram is a huge win for any company. It validates your business and shows users that they should follow your account.

It allows you to make use of additional options. Verified Instagram accounts may do things like add links to their stories.

You’ll show up in more people’s searches. Accounts that have been verified will be prioritised in search results. This might help spread the word about your company and attract new customers.

Users may rest easy with this feature. Let’s be honest: many of us still worry about getting ripped off when we shop online. A recognised credential reassures potential clients that your company is legitimate and worth doing business with. Perhaps this will convince them to make the leap from window shopper to paying client.

How to become an Instagram verified user: a guide

Here are some suggestions for increasing your brand’s chances of receiving an Instagram verification badge.

Get in touch with authors.

Discover bloggers who cover Instagram accounts like yours in terms of viewership and subject matter. Make contact with them and recommend they include a piece on you in their next profile. You may encourage them further by alerting them to any future blogs or stories that their audience might like reading.

Second, be original

If you want to succeed at social media marketing like Nike, you need to think outside the box. That way, other Instagram users and bloggers who discuss social media marketing online will link to your post. Put simply, get people talking about you.

Third, make something that will resonate with them.

You can do more than just advertise your wares on social media. You need to promote your brand’s narrative if you want people talking about it (and verified) online. When users interact with your brand, they are more inclined to talk about it.

Consider the brand’s core values, its purpose, and its communications. The next step is to zero in on hot-button issues where you have something to contribute to the discussion. Feeling uninspired? Netflix has a firm grasp on its identity as a brand. It also understands how to relate to its target demographic.

How to get Instagram verified without making these rookie mistakes

It’s possible that there is no certain strategy for gaining Instagram verification. There are, nevertheless, some taboos you should avoid at all costs.

Here are common blunders that brands make while attempting verification.

Do not attempt to purchase a badge of verification

If you spend much time on Instagram, you’ve definitely come across accounts that claim to have connections within the company and can earn you a verified badge. Or perhaps you’ve found an app that offers validated badges for sale.

A second Instagram checkup is essential.

A large number of fake accounts is a major factor in deciding whether or not to verify an account. This makes it tougher for users to determine whether accounts are legitimate. And that reflects poorly on Instagram.

Is there a takeaway from this? The likelihood of Instagram verification increases if your account is followed by a large number of followers.

Kyle Lewis