Professional Instagram Marketing Advice For 2023

Instagram is being used by hundreds of brands and some very well-known B2B companies to increase exposure, foster audience engagement, and, perhaps, gain new customers.

Make good use of genuine, up-to-the-moment user-generated material.

Stop using stock images and contrived product shots and start communicating with your audience in real time. Potential customers and leads on Instagram appreciate genuine posts that provide them insight into your company’s values and products.

Live video and other forms of real-time material are authentic and reflect your true self. It helps you connect with your audience on a more personal level, which is especially important in business-to-business transactions. Customers want to know there are genuine people and actual tales behind the branding, and even really professional-looking material might appear cold and disinterested.

Use haste and variety.

The Instagram app streamlines the process of sharing media created on mobile devices. Simply launch the program, click the “add” button, then go to the media file you wish to transfer.

The benefit of this is because you may save time otherwise spent on content creation. There is no need for forward preparation or editing when uploading a wide range of information. Not only will various forms of content appeal to various demographics within your target audience, but they will also reveal various facets of your company. The days of scrolling through nothing but photos or quotations on Instagram are over.

Spend time doing what interests you.

Put an end to peering in through the glass. Come on in.

It’s not enough to just publish to your feed; you need to engage with the community as a whole, just like you would on any other social media platform. Don’t just provide photos and clips without engaging with your audience. Spend some time exploring other people’s Instagram accounts, like posts, and perhaps leaving a few encouraging comments.

To the extent that you invest in interactions with others, they will do the same with you.

Utilize the link in your biography to the fullest.

Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in captions, but your bio can include one. Your Instagram bio, which may contain a clickable link, has a character limit of 150. Include a link to your most recent blog post or special deals in your profile. To get the most out of your bio link, you may also use a site like Linktree to get a personalised URL that has a page with additional links, enabling you to post up to five links in total.

Instagram Stories, instead, are a wonderful method to include links with your content. You only have 24 hours to make an impact with a story, which is both a drawback and an opportunity.

Create a narrative with every single update.

The most successful Instagram accounts are those that convey compelling tales. You need visual storytelling that stands out from the crowd on Instagram if you want to attract customers and encourage them to interact with your brand.

Don’t just look at your stream of random pictures and videos. Instagram’s Stories function lets users build a slideshow or video clip. Connect them into a narrative to give your reader a sense of intimacy.

Avoid meaningless statistics.

Vanity metrics aren’t really informative. Having more people interact with your material is great, but that doesn’t tell you if the proper individuals are engaging with it. Instead, you should search for signs of genuine interest, such comments on your articles or new followers in your specialised field. These two indicators are more telling about your performance and the reach your firm is enjoying.

Give Instagram some thought.

While it has seen more adoption by business-to-consumer companies to far, when used properly — and with the aforementioned considerations in mind — it can be extremely beneficial for business-to-business brands as well.f

Kyle Lewis