There Are 8 Key Indicators Of Instagram Success.

Monitoring the success of your social media marketing efforts is crucial, and Instagram is no exception. This allows you to gauge the success of your strategies and initiatives.

What Counts in Instagram Analytics?

Metrics on Instagram are markers of success that reveal how your content is doing and how your audience is reacting on the platform. Metrics from Instagram reveal information like the amount of exposure and engagement your posts receive.

We’ll go into details later, but some of the most important metrics to track on Instagram include impressions, reach, and new follower acquisition.

Keeping tabs on Instagram analytics and why you should

Your Instagram reporting should be heavily influenced by the company’s or department’s goals (or even simply your own personal KPIs) on the platform.

  1. Instagram analytics reveal the kind of posts that perform well.
    Check your post stats to determine what kinds of material are doing well if you’re experimenting with different formats. With this information in hand, you can develop an Instagram content plan that will resonate with your audience by regularly sharing the kinds of material they enjoy.
  2. Statistics for Instagram Maintain coherence between your plans and the company’s goals.
  3. If growing your company’s fan base is a current priority, then you should give special attention to achieving that aim. The same holds true if you want more people to watch your stories or interact with your posts. Checking growth metrics to verify if key performance indicators are being fulfilled is essential.
  4. You can track the progress of individual campaigns via Instagram’s analytics.
  5. You want to know how well your Instagram campaign is doing if you’re using it for something as big as a product launch, a holiday sale, or a major collaboration. Instagram analytics show you this so you can decide whether or not to alter your wording.

Instagram’s Insights: How to See Them

You need a business or creator account on Instagram in order to access analytics and data. The Instagram app provides many entry points to your analytics. (Remember that you can only get to these through the mobile app, and not the desktop version.)

Here are the top 8 Instagram analytics you should be using.

We’ve detailed many important Instagram metrics to give you a sense of what to look for and where to find it if you’re still feeling a bit lost.

In addition, we’ll show you where in Sprout Social to get the vast majority of these Instagram stats.

Initial Thoughts

A high number of impressions may be indicative of the popularity of a certain piece of content and the desire of viewers to view it again. Ad fatigue and a decrease in conversions might result from excessive Instagram ad exposure.


Since the distinction between these two metrics might be murky, we’ve broken down the specifics for you in Reach vs. Impressions and Instagram Impressions (if you’re interested in reading more).

To keep things simple, remember that your Instagram reach represents the number of people who actually saw your post, while impressions represent the number of times your material was shown to Instagram users but did not necessarily result in any kind of interaction.

Interactions with each follower

You shouldn’t compare your Instagram success to that of the big dogs (like Oreo, Starbucks, Nike, etc.) unless your audience size is relatively comparable.

Expansion of the Fan Base

What this measure shows you is whether or not your number of followers is growing or shrinking over time.

Instagram follower growth (or loss) should be evaluated in context, especially if the increase or decrease was the result of a temporary factor such as a promotional effort or ad spending.

You may trace the rise in your number of followers back to the factors mentioned above if you maintain track of that number over time. Slow but steady expansion is what you want to see, since it shows that people are enjoying your material and want to keep up with it.

While the number of your followers may be considered a vanity statistic, it really indicates the potential audience for your posts. Because of this, it is as crucial as ever to work on organically building your audience, since this affects the success of other IG metrics like engagement.

Sprout’s Metrics for Tracking Follower Growth

Using Sprout, you may view a wide range of data, from a detailed growth chart to a percentage increase, pertaining to your growing number of followers. The Instagram Business Profiles dashboard provides a snapshot of your account’s increase in followers over time, broken down by the time period you specify. Then, using the same time frame, you can examine the Post Performance Report to drill down into exactly which pieces of content were successful and which ones were not.

Feedback received

When it comes to measuring Instagram success, likes and comments are two very different things.

It’s not hard to give out likes, but it’s difficult to know for sure if your followers actually saw your article. Comments make it easy to understand. When people take the time to comment on your posts, whether favourable or negative, it shows that your material resonated with them in some way.

Building a robust community and attracting dedicated followers depends in large part on this kind of interaction, especially when it’s good. The ones to keep an eye on are not the ones that double tap effortlessly, but rather the ones who go out of their way to comment.

Kyle Lewis