5 Effective Tips To Increase Engagement On Social Media Photos

Marketers and company owners can’t stress the importance of social media photo interaction enough. You can’t develop your company, engage with current consumers, or reach new people without it.

Instagram insists it is no longer a place to post images, but users continue to do so nevertheless. Unlike Reels and other video formats, they’re also simpler to produce on a regular basis.

Any marketer worth their salt will tell you that keeping up with the latest marketing memes and mastering the ever-shifting algorithms of the top social platforms is a full-time job in and of itself.

Use an Unusual Hue

Getting people to pay attention is crucial if you want to boost engagement. To catch their attention, try using a filter or an odd colour. Using a colour that is out of the norm can cause people to take a second look.

There’s a logic behind the yellow school bus hue of New York City cabs. The fact that it can be spotted from far away was a major factor in its selection. You want to capture the attention of your audience in the same way that the bright yellow colour captures the attention of pedestrians hailing a ride.

Move Your Stills Around

Adding motion to a still image is another approach to boost interaction with your social media postings. Adding some motion to your presentation is a great approach to grab people’s attention. Even when we’re not specifically seeking for it, humans’ attention is drawn to whatever is moving. Use the psychology and physiology of the human eye to your advantage.

You can add as little or as much drama as you like to the motion to your still. Adding motion to a still image makes for a much more interesting and captivating piece of visual art.

Lightricks’ Motionleap is the best app available for giving a static image some life.

Regularly Schedule Your Posts

People are naturally governed by routine. Humans enjoy routines because they help us feel more in control of our lives and less overwhelmed by stress. It’s clear that Instagram’s algorithm and strategy team have recognised this. Instagram encourages consistent posting by creators.

This indicates that posting consistently (two to three times per week) will have a greater impact than posting more frequently (one week) but less frequently (the next week).

Keep in mind that you want your name to be familiar to both your current and future clientele. Your popularity and readership are on the rise, so spread the word about who you are and what they can expect from you.
While it may save you time to write several posts at once, it is preferable that they be published at regular intervals. If you want to schedule when your posts go live, Later is the ideal option. Later is a useful tool for organising, analysing, and distributing content. You can use the insights provided by Later to determine the optimal posting time for your account and gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s preferences.

Filtering Experiments

Maintaining consistency requires more than just a regular posting schedule. It’s crucial to maintain uniformity across your whole account. Branding is more than just the things you sell or the voice you use on social media. Filters can be considered a form of photo branding as well.

You can use filters to make your entire feed have the same feel. Learn from the finest influencers by making sure each and every one of your photographs works well together. Everything on your profile should have the same appearance and feel while someone is browsing it. Check out how Simone Bramante’s feed manages to do this.

Relate anecdotes

Opening out to your audience is a surefire way to increase interaction. Customers appreciate it when they are given access to the person behind the brand. A carousel is a great alternative to a single shot since it allows you to tell a story through a series of images. A post with numerous photographs or videos that can be seen one at a time by swiping through them is called a “carousel” on Instagram.

Instagram’s treatment of swiping actions within posts as engagement is a crucial aspect of this strategy. As a thank you for your participation, your material will be given preference in people’s newsfeeds and shown to more people.
You can use a carousel to demonstrate a procedure or routine, introduce a new member of staff, rehash a recent event, or tell a tale. Carousels are interesting and get people interested in you because you can use them to tell a story.

Concluding Remarks

Marketers and company owners must pay close attention to how their photographs perform on social media in order to succeed. To develop your brand, reach out to new clients, and communicate with your current clientele, engagement is essential. Photos play a significant role on social media, therefore how to maximise your audience’s interaction with the photos you share is crucial.

When using VSCO, it’s important to develop a distinct and consistent aesthetic for your postings so that your brand is easily recognisable and your content stands out. Your clientele appreciates your regular updates, so use Later to stagger your posting schedule.

With Motionleap, you can attract new and existing customers to actually engage with your content on social media by adding a hint or splash of action to your still photo. Snapseed’s vibrant filters are another way to catch people’s attention.

Kyle Lewis