An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Stories

People are continually sharing images, giving them thumbs up, and discussing them in the comments section. However, Instagram Stories offers yet another way to increase interaction with your audience outside of regular feed posts.

Instagram Stories: what are they?

You may share photographs and videos on Instagram that will disappear after 24 hours if you use the Stories feature. Using this function, you may provide time-sensitive material that generates FOMO and increases user engagement with your business.

The Basics of Creating an Instagram Tale

The topic, “What are Instagram Stories?

To make your own Instagram story, follow these steps:

Select your image from your profile

Your company’s Instagram profile icon should appear in the app’s upper left corner. The label that reads “Your Story” appears underneath it.

Decide on a file type

Before you capture or post a photo for your Instagram story, you may choose from a variety of formats.
There will be choices like:

  • Selecting this option will bring up a coloured screen on which you may type and apply various effects. There’s no need to snap a pic for this.
  • Boomerangs are a series of photographs that may be transformed into a looping video. This video loops indefinitely.
  • With the layout feature, you may merge two to six photographs into a single picture by making a photo grid.
  • By using the Multi-Capture feature, you may shoot several pictures at once and add them to your Story.
  • The level on your screen will make the central box yellow when the photo is properly aligned, making it easy to check whether or not your shots are straight.
  • By selecting “Hands-Free,” you may capture a video without constantly pressing the record button.

Snap or post a picture of yourself

The app’s camera will launch when you select your narrative. Swiping up from the bottom allows you to pick between taking a new picture and selecting one from your camera roll.

The third step is to include effects (if desired).
Select the media you wish to modify and then proceed to the effects menu. You may make a creative and unique photo to share with your audience by using various editing tools, such as filters, text, and drawings.


The final step in creating an Instagram story is as simple as pressing the post button. When you’re satisfied with your altered photo (or decide to leave it as is), you may share it with your followers on Instagram.

Explain Instagram’s Highlights feature

Now that you know how to make an Instagram Story, you might be curious about whether or not it is possible to keep your Stories for later viewing. You certainly can!

With the new Instagram Highlights feature, you can now save selected parts of your Stories to your profile. The option to do so may be found in the settings for your company profile. When on, Instagram will preserve your Stories indefinitely in the Highlights section of your profile.
The question now is, how do you highlight a story?

  • Select Your Narrative
  • Pick an old tale from your files.
  • Pick one image to use as your Story’s header. Highlight
  • Please label your Highlight.
  • You’re free to use as many or as few highlights as you choose in your Instagram stories.

Four strategies for making captivating Instagram Stories

Now that you know the ins and outs of generating an Instagram Story, you can begin using Stories to promote your company. What should you do first?

Using Stickers

You may give your Stories a little extra flair by using stickers. You may embellish your narrative with a variety of stickers, such as:

  • Tag your current location with a location sticker.
  • Add the current time to your narrative with these “time stickers.”
  • Stickers: a fun way to put a user right in the middle of your tale.
  • Stick-on hashtags let you include trending topics into your narrative.
  • You may put a poll in your tale if you use these stickers.
  • Using the provided countdown stickers, you may include a timer in your narrative.
  • You may add a star rating sticker to your tale so that viewers can review the photos you post.
  • Stickers that ask questions and allow recipients to respond through text.

Update your status every day

Instagram story posts should be made every day if you want to get the most out of the platform. This function is a fantastic tool for encouraging customer participation in your organisation. By publishing an Insta Story, you provide your customers a means to monitor the latest developments at your company.

This function is a great way to keep your audience interested in what you have to say, whether it’s news about a new product, an announcement about an upcoming event.

In addition, you may update your tale numerous times a day, which keeps your audience thinking about your company all day long.

Give your viewers a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes

One of the most often asked follow-up questions to “what are Instagram Stories?” is “what do I post on my Instagram Stories?

The limited availability of Instagram Stories gives the impression of rarity to this behind-the-scenes footage. It’s an excellent tool for inviting potential customers into your organisation and providing them with an insider’s perspective.

Offer a limited time discount

You may also use Instagram Stories to advertise a limited-time bargain. Since your tale will be deleted after 24 hours, you may promote flash sales without worrying about removing material. You may use your Instagram Stories to host these sales and attract customers.

It’s a fantastic strategy for boosting sales.

Kyle Lewis