4 Feasible Tips To Amplify TikTok Influencer Marketing

TikTok, the top-rated app, has proved its capability to reach people with its short-form videos. A retail panel of social media and influencer experts conducted an open discussion about how influencers are accelerating the maturation of social commerce in the United States, which anticipates a reach of $36.09 billion this year and a rise in 2020. 

By the end of 2022, the TikTok influencer sector will be worth $15 billion; 70% of internet users in the United States follow influencers, and 17% of internet users report product purchases in a month as a result of an influencer social media post.

The following are the tips that help you towards the TikTok influencer marketing:

#1 Leverage Influencers To Propel Your Content Strategy

TikTok brands turned to influencers to fuel its content creation engine and include more authentic content on digital channels and social accounts to address these realities.

Because TikTok influencers are creatives, the industry as a whole has realized the benefits of collaborating with them, according to Vitola. Honestly, they’re producing content that is on par with some of the advertising firms’ work. Some TikTok influencers have marketing backgrounds — they’re digital producers, and that’s where their careers began.” Others have skills in other fields.

#2 Look For Partners Across All Channels

Some TikTok influencers, like Hess, have extensive experience in the media and communications fields. Approximately 20 years of expertise in public relations preceded her rise to the top of the influencer ladder with her Instagram account @NYCfitfam.

On the other hand, brands and retailers are not required to have this degree of knowledge and competence. According to Hess, the key is to work with a company that has a strong understanding of how the consumer drives everything they do in their business. Additionally, companies should ensure that TikTok influencers understand how to think well to create a 360-degree activation strategy that is long-term and extends across their various social media platforms, email campaigns, paid TikTok advertisements, and other owned media, among others.

#3 Maximize ROI By Growing Beyond Organic TikTok Feeds

Influencers have highly engaged and devoted audiences. Vitola remarked that social media allows followers a “behind-the-scenes look” into these individuals’ lives, which aided in developing a stronger sense of connection and community during COVID-19 lockdowns. While these connections begin on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms, they continue via email newsletters, podcasts, and other organic and owned channels.

While running a business on TikTok, you must look beyond the “organic feed” to optimize your reach on TikTok and effect of influencer relationships. Vitola estimates that up to 70% of the value of TikTok influencer collaborations originates outside of organic feed postings.

#4 Implement TikTok Storytelling To Drive Customers

Relatable stories and personal viewpoints can assist influencers in developing a narrative around a brand or the importance of a particular product to them. If you want to reach a broader audience through the content, there is no other shortcut but to make it viral. By leveraging video platforms such as TikTok and Instagram stories to convey this narrative, businesses may attach links to specific items, allowing followers to access further information quickly.

For many businesses, particularly CPG brands, having influencers promote one-time discounts and promotions feels inauthentic and blatant sales. While a value may be the ultimate call to action, TikTok influencers can only create trust and drive action via narrative.

Wrapping Up

A well-executed TikTok influencer marketing campaign can expose your brand and product to a massive new audience and a flood of new consumers. When you deliberately select your TikTok influencer partner, you can rest confident that the ideal audience members will see the video in your niche.