Psychic Readings

Which Type of Psychic Reading Is Right For You

Psychic readings are the ways to get information of future by using perceptive abilities. They can also use human senses such as touch, sight, sound, test and instinct for this purpose. Psychic reading is usually used to get information about your activities and future. There are different types of psychic readings. Some use tools to […]

Explanation of the Different Forms of Psychic Readings

We all possess some psychic powers and degree of intuition. Intuition is that inner guidance system or inner knowing that can be expressed and communicated through some form of psychic powers. These powers are gifted; some people can possess one of these various psychic powers while others are gifted with many psychic powers. Some people […]

Psychic Readings As A Path To Personal Transformation

There is an axiom that goes “we are spirits having human experiences, not humans having spiritual experiences.” Our human brains are wired in such a way that everything but the physical world we live in is filtered out of our conscience awareness. The result is that we think “reality” is limited to that which we […]

Who Should See A Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium is someone who has the ability to not only sense and feel energy from the person or object they are reading, but to reach outside of themselves and said person or object to glean information from the spirit or energy that is surrounding them. A psychic is not necessarily a medium, but […]