Psychic Readings As A Path To Personal Transformation

clairvoyanceThere is an axiom that goes “we are spirits having human experiences, not humans having spiritual experiences.” Our human brains are wired in such a way that everything but the physical world we live in is filtered out of our conscience awareness. The result is that we think “reality” is limited to that which we can perceive with our five physical senses. Everything beyond that is a mystery only because we don’t have the perceptual ability to understand it. However, there have always been people who have been gifted with the ability to see beyond what their five senses tell them. These are the seers, the mystics, the sages and the prophets in society.


Our inability to perceive beyond the physical realm is what religions are built on and wars fought over. Is the cause of human suffering and the reason humans can be so easily manipulated. It is why we as humans walk around asking “why am I here?” and “what is the purpose of life?”

If we were able to fully perceive the multi-verse we live in, there would be no need to ask such questions because all would be known and we would be unable to perceive ourselves as unconnected to the universal whole, or that which is often called “God,” or “Jehovah,” or “Allah.” There would be no fear of death.

Spiritual Orientations

Any spiritual belief system outside the confines of traditional religion is usually referred to as “metaphysics.” And metaphysics is the realm of all psychic phenomena. Psychic phenomenon exists whether or not a person’s spiritual belief system (particularly that of traditional religion) can accommodate it because belief systems don’t define reality; they only provide a potential description of it.

This is why the seers, mystics and prophets of any given culture are not only possible, but necessary. They are the ones who are able to see beyond the dogma and the rules to truths that expand beyond our limited perceptions.

Spiritual Crisis

Anything can bring on a spiritual crisis. A death, a breakup of a relationship, a job loss, or a crisis of faith in one’s religious upbringing can initiate a spiritual crisis. It is times like these that people often are motivated to seek a psychic consultation. It is when we step outside our comfort zones that we are the most vulnerable to dramatic—even if painful—changes in our lives. Without change we cannot grow.

A psychic reading can bring people a new perspective on a situation or on life itself. When a person begins to explore the metaphysical, it is not unusual for it to trigger a series of synchronistic events. Getting a reading can lead to more powerful dreams, or the opening up of one’s own psychic abilities. Suddenly you are sensing things happening before they happen, or you are in a bookstore and a book falls off the shelf and as you are reading it, it tells you everything you needed to know in that moment. You begin to cross paths with people who have a profound impact on your life.

Spiritual Emergency/Emergence

Sometimes when these kinds of things begin to happen it can be frightening or even feel like a break with reality—and in a way it is. You are beginning to see life through different eyes. This is how transformation happens; it can happen gradually or it can happen suddenly. Either way, transformation is what happens when we begin to perceive our at-one-ness with the universe and all of creation. We begin to trust the path our life has taken and we begin to understand our purpose. We begin to feel empowered to create the lives we want, rather than feeling at the mercy of forces we can’t control.