Explanation of the Different Forms of Psychic Readings

palmistryWe all possess some psychic powers and degree of intuition. Intuition is that inner guidance system or inner knowing that can be expressed and communicated through some form of psychic powers. These powers are gifted; some people can possess one of these various psychic powers while others are gifted with many psychic powers. Some people occasionally listen and concentrate on their psychic powers while others decide to fully become professional online psychics (more info at http://www.psychics4today.com) by choosing to develop these powers. In medicine, there are many forms of practices and specialties, same to the professional use of psychic power.

The various types of psychic readings and powers

Channeling is the act of delivering a message through speaking or writing. This is the ability to receive message from higher guidance. Automatic writing is the ability of message writing on guidance and wisdom from the highest realm of consciousness, which is transcribed directly by either typing or writing that cannot originate from the mind consciously, thus channeled in through written form.

Clairsentience is the ability of picking up emotions and energies from people, things, or places, normally called empathy. This kind of a person is always called an Empath or a clairsentient person.

Clairaudience is the ability of message hearing from higher guidance through the ears, or sometimes in the mind internally, a form of telepathy. Clairvoyance also means seeing clearly and is a French word. The people with this ability get to see visions or receive visual impressions and images that are seen through the ‘third eye’ or ‘mind’s eye’.

The ability of clearly knowing something with no facts or logics is known as Claircognizance. This is the feeling of refusing to act or do something without clear justification or explanation, like not wanting to get on a plane, or not trusting your new next door neighbor with no apparent reason.

Clairalience is the gifted ability to clearly smell things that are outside the normal smelling range. These things include perfumes of the people you loved, but have passed on. It is said a person in spirit form fills the room with a familiar scent so that the one they loved can acknowledge their presence.

Clairgustance is the psychic ability to taste clearly, it is an inner tasting, and this kind of psycho tastes without putting anything actually in the mouth. This person is mostly experienced when giving readings by mediums of extrasensory perception; the medium communicates with a spirit, then they develop some particular taste in the mouth. For instance, if the person in spirit form loved to consume chocolate cake, the medium with this sense will taste chocolate cake.


Intuition is the sixth sense, since it is inherent to everyone. We all have intuition abilities, just like we all have athletic abilities or artistic to lesser or greater degrees. We can all throw a ball or draft a picture of our choice, though some people are more gifted naturally in these areas and, the moment they own and develop these abilities and gifts, they become professional athletes or artists. Thus, people become professional psychics by developing their abilities and gifts by focusing on what they can do best.