The Basics of The Throat Chakra

If you are feeling creatively stifled or find that you are unable to communicate as clearly as you would like, you need to look at your throat chakra. Throat chakra can become imbalanced which will lead to problems. This is why you need to know more about throat chakra and how to identify a blockage in this.

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What Is Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra of the human body and is also known as the sacral chakra. The energy center will be located at the base of the throat. The energy from the throat chakra is associated with creativity, communication, and self-expression. There are some traditions which state that the throat chakra is the home or seat of human emotion.

In Hindu tradition, the throat chakra is known as Vishuddha and will control the endocrine systems as well as the thyroid gland. This means that the regulation and flow of hormones will be impacted by the throat chakra. The function of all matters of the throat and head will be impacted by the throat chakra and this is why you need to be able to determine if there is a blockage.

Signs Of A Blockage

There are several signs that you can look out for that tell you there is a blockage in your throat chakra. These signs will be both physical and mental. It is important that you know what all of the signs are to ensure that your issues are related to your throat chakra.

The physical signs of a blockage will include headaches, consistent fatigue, speech impairments and tinnitus. In more severe cases, the physical signs may also include hypothyroidism and autoimmune dysfunctions. These severe cases will take a long time to manifest and the other symptoms will generally occur first.

The mental and other less physical signs will include the manifesting of certain behaviors. These behaviors will include diminished self-esteem, arrogance, lying, anxiety and excessive or compulsive eating. Anxiety and lack of control are the hallmarks of blockages in your throat chakra.

How To Balance Your Throat Chakra

If you find that your throat chakra is blocked or imbalanced, you need to know how to remedy this. There are a number of tools that you can use to help you restore your chakra to its natural balance. These tools will include essential oils, healing food, chakra healing stones, and meditation. It is important to remember that the idea behind the balance of the chakra is to remove the negativity which caused the imbalance.

The most common tool for balancing the throat chakra is chakra stones. These stones will work through energy vibration which is able to bring balance. All chakra healing stones will have their own vibration frequency and when you place them on or above the area of imbalance, the stone’s vibrations will cleanse the negativity. The throat chakra stones will generally be blue in color because this is the color associated with this chakra. Stones of other colors will not work on the same vibration frequency and this will not help the imbalance in the throat chakra.

Which Type of Psychic Reading Is Right For You

clairvoyantPsychic readings are the ways to get information of future by using perceptive abilities. They can also use human senses such as touch, sight, sound, test and instinct for this purpose. Psychic reading is usually used to get information about your activities and future.

There are different types of psychic readings. Some use tools to predict about you and your future. Some can simply give you the information on a phone by hearing your voice. It requires expertise. No one can practice it without proper knowledge and skill. As mentioned above, there are different types of psychic reading such as numerology, psychometry, palm reading, tarot reading, aura reading, or astrological reading. In all these reading, one needs to be an expert in that specific field.

Types of Psychic Reading


We all believe in astrology to some extent. Astrology explains how our life is related to this universe and how the planets have a very significant role in the day to day activities of life. It is believed all of our activities are regulated by the placement of the planets. Our luck is predetermined. We cannot go above the destiny. An astrologer can help us to know what is going to happen in future. He also can guide us what are the remedies of some complications and how to reduce the ill influence of some bad planets. Astrology does not require any psychic ability to predict your future. Your birth time will be enough to give all the details of your life.

Aura Reading

Aura reading is considered very effective. This reading is all about the interpretation and observation of auras. Everyone is surrounded by a luminous radiation that is called the aura. This is an old age technique. Though it does not have any scientific prove, but people believe these reading. And only a few people who have deep knowledge and expertise can perform these activities. They can tell your future by reading your surrounding lights.

Card Reading

Card readings are very popular among the people of this generation. By simply reading the cards, one can predict about future and whereabouts. Card reading is used for multiple purposes. You can even inquire about any particular incidents by this reading.


In Cleromancy, the practitioner uses some objects to predict your future. The expert reads the position, mutual proximity, and orientation of the objections to know about the future.

Distant Reading

Distant reading is something that can be done without meeting the client. This reading can be conducted by letters, SMS, telephone, email, webcam reading, and chats. This reading can be done by simply hearing your voice.

Palm Reading

Palm reading is another popular method of psychic reading. An expert can predict your future by reading the lines of your palm.


Numerology is about reading the numbers such as the death of birth or letters in the name and to predict their influence in their life.

There are many other types of psychic readings. The most important thing is that you need to consult the right person to get the true information. Otherwise, you will be misguided and it will really create complications in your life.


Explanation of the Different Forms of Psychic Readings

palmistryWe all possess some psychic powers and degree of intuition. Intuition is that inner guidance system or inner knowing that can be expressed and communicated through some form of psychic powers. These powers are gifted; some people can possess one of these various psychic powers while others are gifted with many psychic powers. Some people occasionally listen and concentrate on their psychic powers while others decide to fully become professional online psychics (more info at by choosing to develop these powers. In medicine, there are many forms of practices and specialties, same to the professional use of psychic power.

The various types of psychic readings and powers

Channeling is the act of delivering a message through speaking or writing. This is the ability to receive message from higher guidance. Automatic writing is the ability of message writing on guidance and wisdom from the highest realm of consciousness, which is transcribed directly by either typing or writing that cannot originate from the mind consciously, thus channeled in through written form.

Clairsentience is the ability of picking up emotions and energies from people, things, or places, normally called empathy. This kind of a person is always called an Empath or a clairsentient person.

Clairaudience is the ability of message hearing from higher guidance through the ears, or sometimes in the mind internally, a form of telepathy. Clairvoyance also means seeing clearly and is a French word. The people with this ability get to see visions or receive visual impressions and images that are seen through the ‘third eye’ or ‘mind’s eye’.

The ability of clearly knowing something with no facts or logics is known as Claircognizance. This is the feeling of refusing to act or do something without clear justification or explanation, like not wanting to get on a plane, or not trusting your new next door neighbor with no apparent reason.

Clairalience is the gifted ability to clearly smell things that are outside the normal smelling range. These things include perfumes of the people you loved, but have passed on. It is said a person in spirit form fills the room with a familiar scent so that the one they loved can acknowledge their presence.

Clairgustance is the psychic ability to taste clearly, it is an inner tasting, and this kind of psycho tastes without putting anything actually in the mouth. This person is mostly experienced when giving readings by mediums of extrasensory perception; the medium communicates with a spirit, then they develop some particular taste in the mouth. For instance, if the person in spirit form loved to consume chocolate cake, the medium with this sense will taste chocolate cake.


Intuition is the sixth sense, since it is inherent to everyone. We all have intuition abilities, just like we all have athletic abilities or artistic to lesser or greater degrees. We can all throw a ball or draft a picture of our choice, though some people are more gifted naturally in these areas and, the moment they own and develop these abilities and gifts, they become professional athletes or artists. Thus, people become professional psychics by developing their abilities and gifts by focusing on what they can do best.

Psychic Readings As A Path To Personal Transformation

clairvoyanceThere is an axiom that goes “we are spirits having human experiences, not humans having spiritual experiences.” Our human brains are wired in such a way that everything but the physical world we live in is filtered out of our conscience awareness. The result is that we think “reality” is limited to that which we can perceive with our five physical senses. Everything beyond that is a mystery only because we don’t have the perceptual ability to understand it. However, there have always been people who have been gifted with the ability to see beyond what their five senses tell them. These are the seers, the mystics, the sages and the prophets in society.


Our inability to perceive beyond the physical realm is what religions are built on and wars fought over. Is the cause of human suffering and the reason humans can be so easily manipulated. It is why we as humans walk around asking “why am I here?” and “what is the purpose of life?”

If we were able to fully perceive the multi-verse we live in, there would be no need to ask such questions because all would be known and we would be unable to perceive ourselves as unconnected to the universal whole, or that which is often called “God,” or “Jehovah,” or “Allah.” There would be no fear of death.

Spiritual Orientations

Any spiritual belief system outside the confines of traditional religion is usually referred to as “metaphysics.” And metaphysics is the realm of all psychic phenomena. Psychic phenomenon exists whether or not a person’s spiritual belief system (particularly that of traditional religion) can accommodate it because belief systems don’t define reality; they only provide a potential description of it.

This is why the seers, mystics and prophets of any given culture are not only possible, but necessary. They are the ones who are able to see beyond the dogma and the rules to truths that expand beyond our limited perceptions.

Spiritual Crisis

Anything can bring on a spiritual crisis. A death, a breakup of a relationship, a job loss, or a crisis of faith in one’s religious upbringing can initiate a spiritual crisis. It is times like these that people often are motivated to seek a psychic consultation. It is when we step outside our comfort zones that we are the most vulnerable to dramatic—even if painful—changes in our lives. Without change we cannot grow.

A psychic reading can bring people a new perspective on a situation or on life itself. When a person begins to explore the metaphysical, it is not unusual for it to trigger a series of synchronistic events. Getting a reading can lead to more powerful dreams, or the opening up of one’s own psychic abilities. Suddenly you are sensing things happening before they happen, or you are in a bookstore and a book falls off the shelf and as you are reading it, it tells you everything you needed to know in that moment. You begin to cross paths with people who have a profound impact on your life.

Spiritual Emergency/Emergence

Sometimes when these kinds of things begin to happen it can be frightening or even feel like a break with reality—and in a way it is. You are beginning to see life through different eyes. This is how transformation happens; it can happen gradually or it can happen suddenly. Either way, transformation is what happens when we begin to perceive our at-one-ness with the universe and all of creation. We begin to trust the path our life has taken and we begin to understand our purpose. We begin to feel empowered to create the lives we want, rather than feeling at the mercy of forces we can’t control.

Who Should See A Psychic Medium?

psychicA psychic medium is someone who has the ability to not only sense and feel energy from the person or object they are reading, but to reach outside of themselves and said person or object to glean information from the spirit or energy that is surrounding them. A psychic is not necessarily a medium, but a medium is always a psychic.

How can you tell the difference between a Psychic and a Psychic Medium?

The easiest way to distinguish between a psychic and a psychic medium is by the fact that a psychic relies on the information given intuitively from the vessel that is being read, whereas a psychic medium relies on the presence of a non-physical energy force to provide the same information. In short, psychics use a specifically honed intuition to give them insight and psychic mediums use spirits or angels to do so.

Experts believe that the very rare gift of psychic mediumship allows the person a direct link to a higher plain as they are more receptive to the thoughts and feelings of those from the spirit world than a typical psychic. Psychics use tools such as tarot cards, crystal interpretation and astrology to aid the credibility of the information that they receive, but Psychic Mediums simply need their own wits to simply make the connection; the communication itself is credible information enough.

Psychic’s also tend to perform readings that focus on predicting the future; coming events that pertain to the question asked, whereas psychic mediums focus more on tuning into the past and present to resolve the issues in question.

How exactly does a Psychic Medium communicate?

As with most spiritual topics, there are many different forms of psychic mediumship, and each has its own name. The methods of communication with the great beyond in their most basic forms are:

Clairvoyance – The ability to “see”

Clairaudience – The ability to “hear”

Clairsentience – The ability to “feel”

Claircognizance – The ability to “know”

Spirits are thought to “impress” the mind and body of the psychic medium with thoughts and feelings that are interpreted in these ways. A psychic mediums primary job is to take the information given to them by the entity and relay it to the person in question to give peace. Psychic mediumship allows both the living and the dead to bridge the proverbial gap and move on from whatever is holding them back.

Why would someone seek the help of a Psychic Medium?

Many people find it extremely helpful to speak to psychic mediums when they are in need of guidance or are in need of peace after losing a loved one. Psychic mediumship surpasses religion, because no matter what faith a person may hold, the belief in the afterlife is synonymous throughout the world.

What should you do if you think you might be a Psychic Medium?

Some psychic mediums recognize their abilities when they are children and others when they are adults; there is no specific guideline as to when psychic abilities may arise. The single best thing to do is to reach out and connect with other psychic mediums. Someone who has been in your shoes is always going to be the best teacher. There are groups, called psychic medium development circles or more commonly “spirit circles” which have been built to help those who need to explore their talents. These circles are typically led by qualified psychic mediums.